Street Fair Weekend

The temperatures creeped up to the mid 90’s this week. Too close to 100 for comfort if you ask me. Where are those beautiful 70 degree days that I seemed to have missed out on? Regardless of temperature, Tucson was still hustling and bustling this weekend, like so many others between now and late May. The event that was closest to home was the 4th Ave. Street Fair. This event is filled with traveling craftsman, sidewalk performers, hippies, hipsters, and a general crowd of people that usually only come downtown when the street fair is in town. This is very apparent by the fact that no one knows how to park or get around effectively. For me it’s not about the fair, but the fare. It’s rare that I ever purchase something from one of the vendors but I would not let this festival pass me by without taking some greasy meats and potatoes to the gullet. One new vendor was Jungle George’s Exotic Meats. I was mostly interested in lion, since a local taco shop boasted about serving it, but it never came to be due to activists. But alas, by the time we got there, the lion had been gobbled up and was no where to be seen. Gyros and cheesy fries were an acceptable substitute and after I had my fill of hippies, gypsies and yuppies I called it a day.

Sunday morning proved to be even more delightful because of the weather and I spent all afternoon laying in the sun, getting burned, doing laps in the pool, and drinking some BL with lime. The traditional summer drink of choice. I capped off the evening by grilling vegetables and my own interpretation of stuffed tomatoes. All in all I would say a pretty decent weekend.

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