Frequently Infrequent.

This is a result of spreading myself too thin. I really don’t like the connotation behind that phrase. To me it means you can’t accomplish all you set out to do. I’m way to ambitious for that. Instead I’m thinking of this whirlwind that I’m in right now like a crazy tornado that is sucking in everything in it’s path to get bigger and move as far and as fast as possible. As morbid as that may sound to some, I rather like the imagery, and think I’ll hang on to it.

I’m on a terror world. Watch out.

As of late– this includes working a lot, packing every weekend full of fun events and hang outs, cooking more, and trying to be more fit.

The new daily regimen is jogging at least 3 miles (okay 2.75…but who’s keeping track) or ridding up “A” Mountain (lady’s choice), sensible breakfast, dressing for success, getting to work early, staying late, whipping up dinner for the home, watering the garden and bed. rinse and repeat.

I love it and it makes being 25 seem pretty bearable. Becca just turned 25 yesterday, so I’m really hoping that all my reformed behavior will be validated by the fact that everyone else is going to be interested in doing the same things too. (see above)

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