Mobile Post

I’ve been meaning try out the mobile app for Android, but then again I don’t really ever post, so that makes it hard. Right now I’m a passenger on the way to Phoenix to see the Cubs and Diamondbacks play. I’m pretty excited. Part of the excitement comes from seeing the cubs because they are from Chicago and I have grand dreams about moving there someday. Big city dreams if you will. Gotham, IRL.

In other news…
I have really ambitious plans for this weekend. I need to go in to work. Write blogs. Garden. Grocery shop. Clean my closet. Doesn’t sound like much, but it seems pretty daunting. There’s probably a lot more but that’s all I have the attention span to list.

Traffic is slowing and I’m getting pretty hungry. There’s an In-n-Out. I guess it’s national burger week. There goes In-n-Out. No burgers.

I’m done and this post is pointless. Except the point about Chicago. Keep your eye on the prize.

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