Just a, workin’ on mah fitness..

So we’re in week 2 of trying to get back in shape. I’ve been getting up at 5:30 everyday during the week to either jog or ride my bike up “A Mountain”. I feel really good about getting back in these habits. Also doing some portion control to help cut the fat. This whole thing has become almost like a game to me. I’ve downloaded a couple fitness apps to help me on my quest. The first, which I am very fond of is My Fitness Pal for Android. The calorie counter is great and it makes it really easy to input your workouts. This is much to my surprise because of how clunky the Livestrong app for Android was. The next tool in my handheld arsenal is Adidas miCoach. It tracks your runs in many ways. Obviously through GPS, buy also by elevation, speed and even helps you calculate your “zones” in the event that you are not using a heart rate monitor. The best part about this app is the online portal that you can access through a desktop computer. (you can still use your mobile browser, but there’s a lot of flash and can load very slow) The online charts are super detailed and if you are working your way through one of their fitness plans, it gives recommendations based on your performance. If this app integrates the strength training programs, so you can also access them through your phone, that would make it near perfect.

Since I felt I owed it to my feet, I purchased some Nike Free TR shoes from Lady Foot Locker. Went to many stores, but LFL had the best selection and I was able to choose  a great color scheme. I’m really happy with the shoes thus far. Tonight’s purchase was some nice Sony ear buds, so I can jam out while working out.

The thing that I find most interesting about this is that for some, technology pays a party in their lethargy and poor health, whereas for me, it’s really improving my fitness and quality of life, in some significant ways.

We’ll see how long I can keep up this fitness stride.

This week’s goal: jog 4mi in 30mins.

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