Catch up, move on.

Wow, so two weeks since a blog post. I guess that’s what happens when real life gets in the way of online life. And I have a theory of “no news is good news” that I think applies here (or at least this will be my excuse for not sticking to the blogging resolution). I imagine that if all hell was breaking loose and I needed a place to go to air my grievances, then the blog would be the ideal place to do so. I think the lack of grievances also speaks to resolution of wanting to be a more positive person.

So let’s see…think…think…what have I done the past two weeks?

The work weeks have been consistently busy and I will throw out a cliche gripe about not having enough time in the day, because there is not. Especially trying to juggle two workloads. But it’s so important to me to stay busy. If I’m not running around or giving my grey matter a workout, I’m not content, whereas most, I feel are content doing the opposite. Sometimes I dig myself into a hole, and bite off more than I can chew, but then actually pulling everything off successfully is such a rush. Sounds really extreme right? Maybe I can apply to by on my strange addiction, where I’m addicted to extreme work situations? Addicted to growing professionally? Maybe not. Forgive me. I’m tired and running on limited rest.
Other than having no time to stop and pick my nose, I’ve finally started to transition into my new role as an account manager. Got a fairly in depth view of the new tool, and am building up the confidence to make it the best selling social media dashboard product in Tucson. So there. I.will.dominate.sales.
What else?
Working on Battle of the Ads project this weekend, on top of working, and moving. Excited to get to polish up on public speaking.
Moving on…

Weekend activities have been pretty mellow. Aside from going in to work on the weekends there has been Desert Museum, walks, coffee, cleaning, catching up with friends in cars over Tecate Light (maybe my new favorite way to socialize, btw), and taking in the usual happenings downtown. Most recently this weekend Adam started to move his stuff in, which has presented not only some challenges spatially, but in the overall balance of the relationship too. I’ve taken it all as an opportunity to learn how to communicate with him better about all the things that in our past, I would have just bottled up inside. Something so simple, just saying what I feel, has made such a difference thus far, and have still been met with nothing but unconditional love. The point of the story is that transition is always rough, but having the end in mind, and knowing that the overall goal is going to make you more happy and successful as a couple in the long run, makes up for having 8 boxes of comic books in your room. ❤

Goals for this week:
Finally get out and ride my freaking bike-it's been oh, so neglected.
Run 3 times this week + Set up fundraising account for Race for the Cure
And step up the clean eating game again, once I finally go grocery shopping.
Uh, I guess go grocery shopping is now a goal.
Catch up on Project 366- have 6 days worth of pics to upload. yikes.

Frist and foremost, it's bedtime now.

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