Really? Still behind?

While I could have been taking pictures or baking I was doing this:

Which isn’t all bad because Friday night was a good night to blow off steam. Had dinner with friends at local 47 Scott and did a lot of catching up.

Made it through my first pseudo-week of being an account manager and I must say I’m liking it. I’m outside, walking, getting some exercise, and interacting with people. No sales yet, but so far I’d say it’s going swimmingly. Also found a replacement for my old job, so this should make the transition time, let’s say 30 days instead of 60. That’s 30 less days of working 2 jobs. Yippie!

This weekend we got Adam all moved in so that’s one big project we get to scratch off the list. It has quickly been replaced with, find adult, not black, dorm room style furniture. I also realized/remembered that when I don’t go to work and waste precious and beautiful weekend daylight, I actually get a lot accomplished at home. Adam and I also started brainstorming ideas for a San Francisco trip in March. Very exciting. And by very exciting, I mean expensive. And by expensive, I mean, you can’t put a price on an experience such as travel. /justification.

I’m SUPER behind on uploading photos for Project 366. About 13 days behind. Shame shame. I have most of them planned out, just need some touching up. Hopefully will get to that tomorrow, by Tuesday at least. On top of not really being able to keep up with this blog, I signed up for a tumblr account. So there’s another site I can neglect. I’m only somewhat kidding about that. It actually looks neat and I’m interested to try my hand at manipulating some of the code. Just for practice sake.

Speaking of practice…lots of physical activity to get prepared for. Urban Assault Ride is in Feb. Race for the Cure in March. Potentially, Warrior dash in April. In trying to keep with resolutions, I will now attempt to run 3 times a week, and ride at least 10 miles, twice a week. We’ll see how it goes this week.

Time for bed.

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