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Once upon a time in July 2005, two young people, who were not even of legal drinking or gambling age, embarked on a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada…
I had begged my mom to let Adam come with us on this trip. A young couple, whose relationship was not even a month old, could not be separated. After some light thought, my mom agreed to let him come along. It was my very first trip to Vegas and I didn’t know what to expect. I mean, after all, what could two underage kids do on “The Strip” anyways?
Turns out, a lot. Hours of walking up and down Las Vegas Blvd. Taking more pictures than our little SD cards coud handle. But most importantly we celebrated our 1 month “anniversary” and it couldn’t have been more romantic for not only an anniversary date, but this was our first real date-date.
Location: Mon Ami Gabi, at the Paris. Their patio dining sits right across from the Bellagio Dancing Fountains and provides a gorgeous view, especially at sunset. We enjoyed delicious steak (sans red wine) and each other’s company. And if you asked my 19 year old self, if a date could be more perfect, she would say no.
…Fast Forward…July 2012
Preparations had been made to attend the annual Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. Tickets were purchased and our stay at Vdara was booked. Adam has assured me that a “luxurious” surprise was in store. My now 26 year old mind is suspect, however, since the word luxurious is not typically one used to describe a potential engagement surprise, I was put at ease. Upon checking in, I am blown away by our room. His surprise was booking the Panoramic Suite…or so he lead me to believe.
Vedara from the Pool
Thinking that this in fact was the surprise, I breathed a sigh of relief, and continued to enjoy our long weekend away. Dinner was, however, still a surprise and for some reason, I was not suspicious of this at all. As we near the Paris Hotel, I realize where we might be going, and start to feel so giddy. After all we went through, all these years, it was all coming back full circle.
Still completely oblivious to what was about to happen, I happily enjoyed the baked goat cheese, the rich red wine, and French style steak, all the while admiring how perfect it all was.
I was stuffed. Dessert didn’t seem like an option at the time, but what the heck, we thought. We’re in Vegas-everything goes. At this point the sun had almost set and everything around looked golden. The strip begins to pop with color, lights flash, and a the skyline’s silhouette is illuminated. The Dancing Fountains begin to sway to the left and to the right, in a soft hypnotic rhythm in sync with an almsot inaudible string instrument tune. Desert and desert wine comes to the table. I couldn’t be happier at that very moment.
And then without hesitation, Adam turns to me, and speaks the most sincere words any man has ever said to me. Suddenly my heart filled with more love than I ever felt, and our entire relationship until that perfect moment flashed through my mind. He shows me the most beautiful ring I have ever seen, and I immediately thrust my finger into it. “Wait, you didn’t even say yes!” “YES! YES! OF COURSE YES!”.

Vegas has been such an iconic place in our relationship-from break-up to reuniting, I think it was only fitting that we start the next chapter of our lives together in the bright light city. And so we celebrated.

Bet big, stick it out through the easy and the hardways, trust your gut, and you’ll always come out on top.

Viva Las Vegas.
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bobby Rivas says:

    Best story. I love you both!

  2. lisagoestomarket says:

    What an awesome engagement story, and your ring is stunning! Hooray for love!

  3. trishskee says:

    Such a great proposal! The perfect way to start out a new adventure together. Congrats!!

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