Project 52 – #1

Did you know there are exactly 52 Sundays in 2013? Each Sunday, I’ll try to post an image from some sort of adventure I had the previous week. This is all in the spirit of getting myself to write/blog more this year.

Esperero Canyon

This image was taken on the Esperero Canyon Trail in Sabino Canyon, on New Years Day. The previous week, my sister invited me hiking and I sprung for the “America the Beautiful” Interagency Park Pass. There are many benefits to purchasing this pass; not only will it motivate me to get outdoors more to get maximum value out of visiting as many parks as possible, but it will also mean that I no longer need to fear getting a ticket every time I decide to drive up Mt. Lemmon to hike, and blow past the self-pay stations. I will be a rebel no more.

On the Esperero Canyon Trail, we found it to be a fairly easy hike, however we only hiked about half of the trail. Hunger struck and we started to run low on water. (Note to self: invest in a Camelbak) This image was snapped about a quarter of the way in, and as we started to descend into a dry riverbed, this tree caught my eye. As my sister and I snapped a few pictures in the rocky riverbed, other trail-goers stopped and admired the tree as well.

Later we spotted a couple deer.
Deer on the trail

It was a good hike and the perfect way to kick off the New Year. I’m looking forward to hiking the whole thing soon.

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