Best week of 2015 (So far.)

A good friend once told me that odd number years and ages are always the best. Over the years I’ve come to believe her. Luckily for me these two occurrences coincide. To add to the odd-numbered fun, this week this blog turned five and after the terrific week I’ve had, I felt it appropriate kick off the cobwebs and put some keystrokes to pixels, or something like that.

But why now, after all these months and failed attempts to make something consistent out of this piece of internet?

Because I’m in a great place and I don’t want to forget what that feels like, and I want to continue to reflect on that for years to come. And because I want to remind myself of what it took to get me to this point of elation.

Over the past four years I felt like I had plateaued, that I was just treading water in small kiddie pool. No real depth to what I was doing, but going through the motions to keep from feeling like I was standing still. It was something I felt weird feeling as a mid-twenties, seemingly well put together woman, who is supposed to be having the time of her life. The things I was feeling surfaced in subtle ways, losing touch with friends, unexpected feedback in performance reviews. Things that I can all trace back to the mindset I was in during that period. Don’t get me wrong, I had some amazing experiences in those four years; getting married, becoming an aunt, growing professionally, traveling, meeting new people, but I always seemed to fall back on a feeling of restlessness.

November 2014 – What started out as a very normal conversation with a friend at an Ad Fed of Tucson event turned into words of wisdom that I think helped lead to the best week ever. Miracle Mornings. What? Yes. This became the foundation that I’ve built the last four months on. A regimen of writing, reading, affirming, visualizing, exercising, and being mindful.

The next few months turned into some of the most insightful of my mid-twenties adult life. Getting in touch with my feelings and finding ways to accurately express them, and trace them back to their origin became one of the most powerful outcomes of this regimen. For the meditation portion, I turned to Headspace. An app that I had downloaded several months prior, but had never used consistently. After completing the 10 day program, I was totally sold on it, and bought the annual subscription.

By the end of December my attitude about a lot of things had shifted. I have taken totally control over my professional and personal development. I received notable feedback at work, and I must admit that I’ve never felt more proud and respected at my job. Teaming up with peers to make the company a better place to work, and advance. Embarrassed to admit, but I’ve read more books in the past 4 months, than maybe the last 4 years.

February starts off with some meetings that I’m feeling great about. Then, I was acknowledged as employee of the month for January. I have taken that accolade to heart. Like it really was proof that I have been making a notable difference in my work. It feels great to be in control. To be happy. To be confident. To be the best version of yourself. So I’m writing this, so I can look back and remember what I’ve worked hard to accomplish, and to remind myself that there is still more to do. To achieve these goals, I not only have to hold myself to the highest standards, but that I need to be patient and forgiving too.

Here’s to many more weeks like this.

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  1. trishskee says:

    Do you like odd years because “you can’t even?”
    Kidding. Kudos on the well-deserved milestones! Keep up the momentum.

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