Busy vs. Productive

Today was go, go, go from 5am to 10:30pm. It was busy in the bed possible way. Not insane scatterbrained frenzy busy, but juggernaut busy. The momentum I had was incredible and I feel good about everything I accomplished. Felt positive about my performance at work. During my lunch break I helped out with intake for all the AAF District 12 American Advertising award entries. It’s really neat experience to see the winning creative from all over the west and I’m inspired by all of it. I also spent time doing stuff for AD2 after hours and we hosted our first AD Tours event. Attendance was small, but it was such a neat event and hearing from the people at Arizona Lotus Corporation speak about their careers and their company was also very motivating. I love it when you see that spark in people when they talk about what they do and the passionate way they articulate their experiences. Also hearing from people who started their ad careers in AD2 when they were just 22. It reminds me why I work the long hours and commit time outside of work to AD2. I love the hustle and today it was good hustle. #WhyAD2 

This is my cheering section at work.

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