Musings from the Inner Depths of My Head

This morning I woke up. I was tired. Looking in the mirror, I didn’t see a youthful face. Traces of dark circles under my eyes and smile lines stared back at me. It’s almost the end of May and that means I’m almost half way through the first year in my 30’s. Where did that time go? 

I can vaguely remember. It has been long days at the office working on projects that I believe in and pushing to redefine what we measure as success and building client relationships. Evenings working to put Tucson on the map for young professionals. Weekends pursuing a pizza hobby and spending quality time with my best friend and husband. 

But I am still hungry and I struggle to be content and find happiness in what I have accomplished and in the moments that I am in right now. So everyday is a challenge in self-improvement. But does it have to be? Is the problem that I can’t accept that everything has to be better? 

My biggest competitor is myself. 

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