New Life Calling? Expert Pizza Taster?

Last year, in effort to learn a few new web and wordpress skills, I started the website A site, whose name origin came from a hashtag created by a good friend. Because who is not grateful for pizza 365 days a year. The goal was to eat at a new pizza place every week. This is only because I don’t think that it is physically possible to eat pizza everyday for a year (and 2016 was a leap year). And while I didn’t get too far in the posting process (weekly writing is much harder to keep up with than one may think), I was most certainly eating pizza every week.  People got word of my love of pizza and so I started amassing various pizza items. Notebooks, enamel pins, gift cards, phone cases, articles of clothing. It was all pretty great. This reputation grew and grew, and last weekend I was invited to go on a pizza excursion with a local food writer. It was a pretty great day, and we coined a new hashtag, #pizzawasted.

So if you’re curious to see what we thought of Tucson’s New York style pizza scene, checkout the feed over on the @PizzaGrateful Instagram account, and read the full  pizza post on This is Tucson.

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