Done is Better Than Perfect

This very well could be a blog post title that I’ve used before, but I don’t care because it’s something that I have to remind myself often. I’ve had a lot of experiences lately, that have made me realize that I’m really the only one keeping myself back.

Fears of being judged, or not having things just right before posting or constructing them keep me from writing more often. Kept me from finishing up things on Currently keep me from sharing my travels, and professional experiences in a written format. Maybe even from taking my career or side hustle to the next level. Thinking that my version of creativity is not the right version, or that I need to be a pro and polished, before any of this can be taken seriously, is just silly.

So this will be the start of a simple 7 day challenge for myself. A post a day. No matter how long. No matter how old the content is, or what the content is, I just have to do it.

Nothing will ever be perfect, but done is better than perfect.

Alexis Being Zen AF

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