My mom is a hustler. She works hard day in and day out. She is a great gardener and grandmother to my brothers kids. Life has thrown several tough situations her way, and maintains positivity, never gives up. So because she’s such a hard worker, that means that she has to work on Mother’s Day, so we celebrated today. I had the pleasure of not only of cooking for my grandmother and aunt too.

Cooking brings out the best in me. Makes me happy. Makes the people I cook for happy. It brings the people sharing in a meal, closer together. For holidays, like Mother’s Day, where people are inclined to go out, I am more inclined to stay in and cook. Because I’m a boss in the kitchen, I can also typically throw down something  restaurant level, maybe even better, because the  secret ingredient is obvs love.

So that’s exactly what I did today. I also got to cook with my cousin, who also loves to cook, and I wish I spent more time with because we could probably just quit our jobs tomorrow and open up a pop-up restaurant.

Here’s the course rundown:

This afternoon I also learned that my uncle went extreme vegan(like doesn’tevent cook oli and fat.) After looking at threse pictires, it’s clear that is going to vegan anytime soon.

/End of day 2. (I know I missed a day a couple of days ago, but done is better than perfect, remeber?

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