Mother’s Day for Real

So today was the official mother’s day, according to retailers and greeting card companies. So we celebrated with my in-laws. After partaking in a generous amount of festivities, we decided to be on our way. 

Like any good 30-somethings, we decided to make a quick stop at the Costco. After running through half the store  realizing we did in fact, only need the non-stick pans that attracted us there in the first place, we checked out. 

Here the clerk felt the need to wish ME a happy mother’s day. To which I couldn’t respond,  because of my shock. Did I look tired? Did I look fat? Is my unwashed disheveled hair throwing off all the wrong vibes? After all, this came right after my young nephew took some horrible side shots of my face at the family gathering. 

I get bad being offended, but it was a natural reaction. 

Needless to say, tomorrow, I’m hitting the gym. 

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