Workweek Hustle

Office life can feel a little cyclical. Topics of conversation with co-workers mainly consists of recounting what day it is, and how near or far that is from the weekend. I try my hardest not to fall into these traps, because I genuinely love what I do. No matter how big of a crazy person it makes me. But, sometimes the Mondays creep up on you, and it is a bit disappointing to think about how far away the weekend truly is.

To get through the workweek, I strategically set up distractions for myself, and before you know it, the week is done. Board meetings, networking, scheduled exercise. Sometimes even a special meeting or event on a Friday to bring it on home. Between that and the workload, the days zoom by.

Tonight for example, consisted of a board meeting and then a 3.25 mile hike up a very steep hill. Just a basic evening, for a basic Monday.



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