5/30/17 – Some Thoughts Over Cereal

It was surprisingly easy to wake up this morning. Not something I would expect after a three day weekend. Guess that means I’m feeling recharged? 

Most of it was spent unproductively playing Breath of the Wild. A pastime I have come to find both relaxing and time-sucking. Enjoyable nonetheless. 

This morning started with a meditation and a nice sunrise. The overcast is keeping it a nice cool morning. 

After a short workout that mostly consisted of stretching, I contemplated what actual reasonable fitness goals are. Mine tend to be overly ambitious, just like the rest. 

Moving on to breakfast I enjoyed that on the terrace watching the sun move higher  and higher into its oppressive position over the city. I watched quails run across the road.  Followed by bunnies. 

In my foreground, sat a large cicada. They signal summer and make me think of foreign and exotic places like Japan. I dream of Japan and what I would need to do to go there. 

I examine the insect some more and smell the faint scent of breakfast drifting past from neighboring houses. Everyone is waking up. 

I’m thankful to be awake today. 

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